With our Wagner Solar Pumping Systems we take the power of the sun to give the community clean drinking water! This without the support of NAWEC electricity or generator power and of course fuel cost!! An independent solar water pumping system for agricultural purposes or as a village drinking water supply is very well possible with our products. With solar modules and a borehole with pump we can provide a village with healthy clean drinking water.

We only work with the best materials, all European brands and we are excellent in our service. Water is scarce in many remote villages and small communities in the Gambia, but sunshine we have plenty.

With a Wagner solar pumping system we can provide everyone with a regulated water supply and clean drinking water for all purposes. Thus, the sun's energy arrives where it is most urgently needed!

Advantages of a solar pumping system:

  • Integration into existing power supply
  • Independent through own power generation
  • For agriculture and forestry use
  • For self-sufficient use
  • Low maintenance

We can take care of all the planning and construction of your complete solar pumping system incl. borehole drilling and making tapstands. Ask us to do a survey and make a quotation.