Solar Power Systems

Sunshine is free!

The sun is giving us light and with a power system from Wagner Solar Gambia also electricity! Its possible to be completely independent from Nawec and cash power, with an off-grid system from Wagner Solar. For every roof and every house we have the right material and solutions.

How does it work?

The energy of the sun is changed by the PV modules to electricity that goes to the Inverter that stores the energy that is not used, but available, in the batteries. During the day the energy can directly be used by the households, at night the electricity gets distracted from the batteries.

How many modules and how many batteries do I need?

We have an extended software program and the knowledge to design a PV power system for your situation. We have to exactly know what electric appliances there are in your house, and how many hours you want to use them. After putting your situation in our program we can tell you exactly how many modules and Solar batteries are suitable for your situation. You can start with a small system and slowly built it up. Them you partly use Nawec and partly use the system for your electricity.

Well trained installers

Next to the wholesale company Wagner Solar Gambia, we also have a very well trained and experienced team of installers. We can take care of your installation from start to finish. We love to advise you and give you a quotation.