Solar Heating Systems

Hot water in your kitchen and a hot shower in the morning? It‘s possible with a Wagner Solar heating system. We have a variety of storage tanks, for small and big families or hotels, hospitals etc. The Gambian sun warms the collector and you will have hot water for 24 hours, 7 days a week!.

How does it work?

The sun gives the energy to the solar collectors, that are on your roof. As hot water is lighter than cold water, circulation starts from collector to tank. Without the use of any electricity the tank gets warmed up till 80 degrees C, before the overheat protection starts working. The heat is stored in the tank and can be recalled if required. It’s possible to place an electric element in the storage tank as a backup system.

Advantages of a Solar Heating System

  • Optimally matched components
  • Having hot water all the time
  • Saving energy
  • For single-family homes and apartment buildings
  • For larger buildings, such as hotels, hospitals

We are able to design and install the perfect system for your situation. Visit our mail our business for more information.
From the planning to the maintenance of your system, we are there for you!